Imagine Dirty

Imaging going to the mall with justin.


"I want this!" He said. "No justin, you don’t need that!" You replied.

"So what shop do you want to go in next?" You asked him.

"Babe do you want to go in Victoria’s Secret and pick out some sexy underwear for me? And I’ll be in the shop I wan to go and I’ll meet you here…" He asked. "Okay" you replied.


So I’m making my way over to the ‘sex shop’. I want to fuck her right hard tonight but first I know that she loves to be teased so I’m going to make this night adventurous for her.

I bought the suff such as dilldos and vibrators, ohh I can’t fucking wait.

I went to go meet back up with her.


Me and justin finally got home, I could feel that he was up to something. Probably he’s wanting to fuck tonight… I can read him like a book. He wouldn’t of asked me to go to Victoria’s Secret otherwise…

"Go get changed babe…" He said. "Okay" I said back but little does he know that I’m going to annoy him. I put on my brand new underwear and put my spongebob pj’s on and walked down stairs.

"Let’s watch a movie tonight babe!"


"Let’s watch a movie tonight babe!"

Urgh if she wants to play it like that…

"No… Do. You. Know. What. I’d. Like. To. Do." I said to her giving kisses on her neck in between the words I was saying to her.

I heard her give a small moan. I carried her up the stairs to our bedroom and smashed her body on the bed. I started to undress her and then undress myself.


I was lying on the bed waiting for justin to fuck me right there and then, I looked up at the ceiling, waiting. I then heard a little vibrate. YES! I love it when he teases me!

I spread my legs out ready for him to fuck me with the vibrator so I started to touch myself and started to moan. Suddenly I felt the vibrator shoot in me. I was still touching myself shouting Justin’s name in the process.


She was shouting my name and touching herself. Oh god. Jerry’s VERY excited right now, so with my other hand that was free, I started jacking myself off and moaned her name.

After teasing her I removed the vibrator and quickly slammed my dick in her wet pussy.

"Holy fucking shit justin!" She screamed

"That’s it baby, you moan my name…"

"JUSTIN! Shit justin I’m gonna cum! DONT STOP PLEASE OMFG!"

She came and shortly after I did.

I slowly went out of her and laid beside her.

"So round two in the morning?" I asks