Imagine for @fredo1428

It’s been such a long day at the office and all you want to do when you get home, is jump in your bed, fully clothed or not, you didn’t really care because you was that tired.

As soon as you got in, you seen your handsome boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

"Hey bae, you had a good day?" He said.

You walked over to him, pouting. & replied sitting down on his lap. “Yeahhh, but I’m so so tired Justin. I really don’t think I can put up with being this tired every single night😫”

"So I’m guessing…. No se…"

"No Justin, I’m sorry but no sex tonight…" You got up slowly and headed towards the kitchen to make some supper.

After 5 mins alone in the kitchen, you felt a presence in the same room as you. & then felt a sudden warm embrace against your back, and warm breath on your neck, traveling up to your ear.

"tell you what, I’ll meet you upstairs when you’re finished and we’ll watch the notebook and have a nice cuddle alllllll night!"

You turn around to face him. “Sounds really nice” you gave him a peck and he went upstairs.

You finished what you was doing and headed up to your bedroom, to see Justin waiting for you, you lie down on the bed and lean into him and give him a long passionate kiss, it got to intense too quick, he knew that it was a no sex night so he stopped before it got too far to soon. Finally a night with no sex. I love this & him.